The Cubs’ Relevance for LP

By: Rob Romanoff

A lot of us are a little bleary-eyed and tired this morning after a nail-biter of a game.  Many of us are thrilled from the win of our favorite team.  A few others, either narrow-minded Cubs-hating Sox fans or refugees from Cleveland, are disappointed.  Regardless of your loyalties, it was one hell of a baseball game.

The Cubs’ success isn’t relevant for a law firm — unless, of course, you actually believe in planning, strategy and execution.  Ricketts and Epstein had a vision.  They developed a plan and stuck to it.  They built a team and an organization.  They made tough and unpopular decisions along the way.  They asked fans to be patient.  It took years of focus and hard work, but there were points along the way where you could see the plan coming together.  The plan worked, probably a year earlier than even they had envisioned.

I don’t believe in curses.  I don’t believe that any team is doomed to failure.  I do believe in dedication to planning, focus and roll-up-your-sleeves grind-it-out hard work.  It worked for Theo Epstein, Joe Maddon and the Cubs and they had fun along the way.  They are actually a terrific example for LP and our future success.


Go Cubs Go!!!!

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