Angie Hickey Featured on the Catholic Charities After Supper Visions Blog

Executive Director of Levenfeld Pearlstein, Angie Hickey, has been a member of the Catholic Charities Board of Advisors since 2008. She has served on the Board of Directors and as the Chair of the Southwest Regional Advisory Board and the Family Parish and Support Services Board.

The Catholic Charities Board of Advisors is comprised of over 630 members and is responsible for advising and sustaining Catholic Charities. Board members have the opportunity to match their talents and contributions to programs of special interest to themselves. Angie’s dedication to this Board is so profound and genuine that she has filled her office with (currently) twenty framed, photographic prints that she has purchased from numerous years of attending the annual Catholic Charities After Supper Visions photo exhibition. As Kathy Donahue, Catholic Charities Senior Vice-President says, “The After Supper Visions photography is outstanding and Angie’s office art is a testament to that.”

Angie agrees, saying, “The photos are an opportunity for me to share the Visions story with everyone that comes into my office, because it’s noticeable. People ask, ‘Where did you get all of these pictures?’ I always use the stickers that come with the photos, noting the name of the artist and the name of the photo. It’s beautiful. It’s nice to look at every day. I work at a law firm. Whenever I get frustrated, I’ll come in here and this reminds me to be humble. This reminds me about why I am doing this. So it’s a calling for me. It keeps me grounded. And it’s an opportunity for me to share what Catholic Charities does with everyone who comes in my office.”

She further explains, “I became involved with Catholic Charities because of my passion for their programs that address emergency needs, basic human needs. That’s what first drew me to the Family Parish & Support Services Board. I live in Oak Lawn and so I got involved in the Southwest Region so I could be involved where I live in my personal community. I like doing volunteer work. I had done a lot of it at St. Gerald’s, my parish as my children went to St. Gerald’s School. I wanted to leverage that passion for volunteer work on a larger platform and that attracted me to Catholic Charities. All along I have tried to teach my kids about volunteerism, so they have volunteered with me. They are older now, but they still do it when they can. It’s been a great opportunity for me to instill these values in my children.”

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