Pop-Up Lunch Today – CCK Spotlight

Today’s monthly Pop-Up Lunch features J&L Catering, who has been a proud partner with the Chicago Community Kitchens (CCK) program since 2011. CCK is a program sponsored by the Greater Chicago Food Depository and provides foodservice job training to unemployed adults who have a passion for “life in the kitchen.” Chicago area restaurants partner with CCK to sponsor interns and hire graduates.

LP is proud to highlight CCK-partner restaurants in many ways, including today’s lunch. J&L Catering employs several CCK graduates, including Teresa Hamilton who completed the CCK program four years ago. Teresa, who was unemployed and trying to turn her life around, credits the CCK program for giving her a chance at success:

“I learned, rather quickly, that we have to be accountable for our actions,” she said. “We have to step up and take charge of our lives if we want to succeed.” “The CCK staff often said, ‘Today is the first day of your life,'” Teresa said. “Every day, we took a step towards graduation, and all those steps have added up to one huge accomplishment.”

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